Accounting Services

We identify issues, provide guidance and help our Clients in applying their financial information effectively by undertaking efficient and effective accounting. We demystify finances and update Client's processes and controls to enable them in significantly reducing the amount of time spent on day-to-day bookkeeping while utilizing real-time insight and strategic feedback to accelerate growth and achieve goals.

Migrating businesses to Cloud. By converting to the cloud, business entity significantly reduce the amount of time spent each day on financial tasks while relying on real-time information and documentation.

We provide Financial Accounting System and Accrual based Double Entry Bookkeeping System solutions. This work encompasses of Physical verification of Asset, preparation MIS report on the asset including its valuation and updating the immovable in asset management software. The System Study and Documentation of the Accounting Process. Preparation of Chart of Accounts after identification and mapping of various processes and anticipated future activities of the entity. Identification of the Road Map for migration of Cash Basis of Accounting system to Accrual Based Double Entry Book Keeping System. Preparation of Web based Accounting Software for Accrual Based Double Entry Book Keeping System and Process Driven Accounting System. Preparation of Web based Accounting Software for Tracking Fixed Assets, Survey the Fixed Assets and Mapping to the Tracking Software.

Computerization of the accounting process from Manual System.

We provide services of Validation and Confirmation of the Accounting Data Entered in the ERP System from various point of accounting. We review the control points in the various stages of accounting.

We provide accounting training to varied segment of Officials in the areas of double entry accounting, accrual basis of accounting, customization of forms and fields in accounting software, integration of data from external source links to the ERP and effective use of various modules available in ERP Software to an organization.

Assisting Management in Presentation of the Final Accounts i.e Format / Graphs / Notes / Disclosures.

Consultancy & Advising the Management by assisting them in selection of compatible and right Information Technology System and Architect.

We provide consultancy services of Up keeping and maintenance of Accounts of Financial Transactions, its Reconciliation, Reporting and Analysis with the Budgets and Reporting on its variances. Reporting on the utilized or unutilized Funds received from Government of Lending Agencies. Flagging the Department and/or implementing agency on various critical aspects of control and monitoring of the funds.

We undertake FCRA Accounting in ERP System in accordance with the legal regulations and its Compliances.