Management Consultancy

Scrutiny and Investigation of Financial Transactions.

Amalgamation and Merger Consultancy.

Arbitrations and Conciliations.

Advisor to the Board of Directors in Cooperative Banking Industry on Key Banking Related Policy Matters.

Conducting Training to Staff and Management with respect to Key Financial Indicators and Skills Set upgrading in Cooperative Banks.

Cash/Cheque Management Services.

SOX Testing & Its Compliances.

Preparation of Bank's Management Information System, its implementation, its verification and its reporting to Board of Directors of Cooperative Banks

Framing of Information System Security Policy in Cooperative Banks.

Consultancy for the Restructuring and Non Performing Assets management in Cooperative Banks.

Advisory Services for Preparation of Reserve Bank of India, Registrar of Cooperative & NABARD Inspections Compliance Reports.

Preparation of Action Plan for weak Cooperative Banks for submission to Reserve Bank of India.

Assisted the Management of the Cooperative Banks under Liquidation in Claim Processing and Submission to DICGC, Reserve Bank of India.

Verifying the Changeover Process of New Banking Software and authenticating its Controls and Vendor Agreement in Banking Industry.

Advising the Bank on the Deposit Pricing - Its Restructuring - Its Implementation - Setting up Monitoring Mechanism - Its Evaluation.

Conducting Due Diligence of the Bank.

Scrutiny and Investigation of Financial Transaction at Bank - Fraud Related Transactions.

Appraisal of Loan Proposals received by the Bank, before its approval by the Loan Approval Committee. Appraisal with respect to compliance to eligibility of the proposal and borrower for the loan.

Verification of legal documents, submitted by the borrower with the Banks, including physically verifying the applicant's and guarantor's place of business, residence and securities for creating charge.

Advising the Banks during the process of Finalization of the Annual Report with respect to Mandatory Disclosures - Its Reporting - Presentation.